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1790€ per person


This immersive German retreat is intended for all German language and culture lovers who want to not only get the gist of the language but also immerse themselves in German culture while traveling. Whether you are a beginner in German or you want to advance your current skills, you are going to learn a full German Introduction Course that will leave you with great basic conversational skills, just as it is spoken in Germany. And what better place to go than Berlin!  Practice your German firsthand with a native speaker.

You will learn about the best methods for effective language learning through methodic workshops that teach you not only the theory but will be put into practice day by day when going about the Berlin life in Germany!

If you haven’t done a language retreat before, this is the time to savour the benefits of learning while you dive into the cultural aspects of a society.  Ultimately it will be one of the best things you’ll ever experience (we’re speaking out of experience) and that is why we are more than happy to accompany you on your language learning journey!




Learn German in Germany’s coolest city.

The immersive German language course in Berlin is the perfect opportunity to learn German in a real-world context. Berlin is a cosmopolitan city known for its amazing art scene, laid-back lifestyle, and people. You’ll spend your summer immersed in the German language and culture while having a ton of fun!





8 days
18+ Age
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    APR 07TH
  • Return Time
    APR 14TH
  • Dress Code
    Casual & Chic. Comfortable clothing for warm weather
  • Included
    3 hours daily language lessons (except on weekends)
    Activity entry fees
    Airport Transfers
    Course materials
    Daily breakfast
    Daily cultural activities
    Ground transportation
    Guided tours
    Language workshops
    Personal Guide
    Welcome gift
  • Not Included
    Extracurricular activities
    International flight
    Lunch & dinner
    Personal expenses
    Travel insurance

Day 1: Willkommen in Berlin!

This is your arrival day and we are more than excited to welcome you to Berlin!  Let's kick-start this trip off with dinner and in good Berlin fashion a relaxed night out! Discover Berlin's vibrant nightlife on this first day.

Day 2-3: It's the weekend!

It's the weekend and we've got plenty of time to explore Berlin together! How about we start with a city walking tour? Discover Berlin's history and culture through a detailed guided tour topped by a River cruise.

DAY 4-7:

The week will start with a daily typical German breakfast to get the best start of the day. Each afternoon is going to include a cultural activity such as: - Visiting the Wall Museum at East Side Gallery and taking a journey through Berlin’s recent history. - Berlin Street Food Tour - A visit to the Jewish Museum, visit Jewish Memorial - Berlin Bar Crawl Tour - East River Side Boat Tour
Willkommen zuhause!
You will be staying at apartments in Paris and Nice (France) with daily breakfast included.

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