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Founder, CEO

I am a German-Ghanaian polyglot who started traveling the world at a very young age. While still in high school I always had this urge and knew I would leave Germany to travel the world. Initially, I did not know where that would lead me but I kept going with the flow and ended up spending my first 5 years abroad as an Au-Pair and language & communications student in Spain.

I absolutely loved this experience of opening up your ways into a whole new language and culture. I would continue to travel around while still in college and ended up moving to Paris where I am currently based. Discovering my love and gift for languages, culture, and communicating with people of all kinds of different cultures, has lead me to create LingoTravels.

I reinforced all 8 languages I speak by cultural immersion which brought me to fluency in so many languages. And that is precisely what I want you to experience, too! Not only sharing my language learning experiences, tips, and lessons with you while traveling but also awake this sense of cultural awareness that will make you learn languages so much quicker and easier! This is what I envision to help you with and I hope you can draw some inspiration from it! xoxo, Eve


Craig Dean

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