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About Eve

Founder, CEO, Trip leader

Eve is a German-Ghanaian polyglot, Youtuber, and travel blogger who started traveling the world at a very young age. While still in high school she always dreamed of going abroad and knew she would soon leave Germany to travel the world. Initially, she did not quite know where that would lead her but she kept going with the flow and ended up spending her first 5 years abroad as first an Au-Pair, and then to study a bachelor’s degree in Languages & Communications in Madrid, Spain.

Eve absolutely loved this experience of immersing herself in a whole new language and culture. She would continue to travel around while still in college and ended up moving to Paris for her master’s degree in Trilingual International Management (English, French & Spanish). After the master’s at a university in Paris, she decided to stay and continued working as a Social Media Community Manager for an international French-German online business. She is currently still based in Paris. 

Discovering her love and gift for languages, culture, and communicating with people lead her to create content on language learning and travel on Youtube and ultimately start her own travel company LingoTravels, by which she aspires to not only share her expertise in languages but also her love and passion for it.

Our team picture Angela

About Angela …

Creative Content Director, Trip leader

The Paris-born and raised creative Angela does not only have an artistic eye for all things art and travel but with a background as a fashion designer, she is naturally gifted in creating awesome and visually pleasing things. As the Head of Content and Trip Leader on the Lingo Travels team, Angela is putting her creative artistry as well as her experiences as a traveler, to assist in anything that promotes the brand’s marketing on a visual scale.¬†As a trip leader, she will also be part of hosting Lingotravels trips. Just like Eve, Angela has been a world traveler since her early teenage years. They have been traveling together to places like Thailand, Portugal, Miami, NYC, and many more, since 2013.