Our story

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

…this is the essence of Lingo Travels

Lingo Travels is an international language retreat and travel company all about cultural immersion. This will be the first language retreat where you get to travel and learn from a language enthusiast just like you!

Language Youtuber and travel blogger Eve started her language retreats in 2019 with the first travels to Cuba. Speaking 8 languages successfully, being fluent in 5 of them, and having traveled to more than 35 countries, she advocates learning languages primarily through cultural immersion. And this the essence of Lingo Travels.

With traditional methods, learning languages has become a daunting and frustrating task to so many, which should absolutely not be the case. That is why we focus on learning a new language while traveling and immersing ourselves as much as possible in the culture. Since we do that by working, interacting, and connecting with locals-only, we let them show us their culture which could not be done any better by anyone else. We truly believe that this is the way to successfully learn any language.

Learn with locals and let them teach you their language, culture and so much more, This is going to be a trip of a lifetime, guaranteed!

Know more about the founder Eve here.